Distinctive Designs & Exquisite Craftsmanship

We approach the design process as the foundation of the relationship. It is the collaboration between the client and designer, each mutually invested to conceive and execute a common vision. The result is a successful, harmonious project that enriches and enhances your lifestyle.

It’s the River Hills Construction way.

Styles & Designs to match your Home and Lifestyle

Modern Style

Clean lines, bold colors and a presence that stands all on its own, this kitchen will be the perfect contemporary element that everyone will be talking about.

Classic Style

With this style, creating an elegant timeless kitchen will make your backyard the room you will always want to be in.

Minimalistic Style

Simplicity and functionality are the inspiration in this design. Using every inch to its fullest potential is the key when constructing these kitchens.

Resort Style

Building a lavish outdoor kitchen to give you that idyllic staycation feel can provide the necessary escape from life’s everyday stresses.

Texas Country Style

The quintessential style is our native landscape. Using rustic accents and local products, this look can fit in practically every backyard.

Woodhouse Style

Exotic woods can be used to give this type of kitchen a truly unique appearance in any setting.